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Education: M. Sc. from Allahabad University as inmate of Sir Ganganatha Jha Hostel.

In my childhood, my mother, a religious housewife, used to tell dates of Sun's transit in different nakshatras with their names. I never paid any attention to her this great knowledge unless and until I myself became aware of Sun's transit in 27 constellations. Unlike normally found aggressive Arya Samajis my father is learned, cool and  spiritual Arya Samaji who vastly studied (ganit & phalit) astrology 2 years before my birth. He used to help and guide me in my childhood in stargazing.

With his help I could show people Saptarshi Mandal [Ursa Major], Dhruv Tara [Polar star], Mithuna (Gemini) Simbha (Leo) Vrishchika (Scorpio) and Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashis and Krittika, Rohini and Chitra nakshatras in my childhood itself.

Till B.Sc., I was a student of scientific temperament and as such I did not believe in astrology. I hated hostel inmates who frequently consulted palmists and astrologers querying about their getting class one or class two job. Like other hostel inmates, me too burnt candle till late night. One such night I mused: Do I know ABC of astrology? Have I ever gone through it? If not, why should I ridicule it without properly testing the same?

I studied palmistry, numerology, traditional/ Vedic astrology for two years, erected hundreds of natal charts of university students analyzed and predicted - which rarely came correct. There was no codified scientific approach in the analysis. I felt that astrology was a good subject to study but there was something I missed gravely. It was not dependable. Then in early 1981 I met my hostel senior Sri Rakesh Chaube (I.A.S., Allied now,) who was well versed in Krishnamurti Paddhatri. He gave me some tips and the list of K.P. readers. I bought those 6 readers, few K.P. Ephemeris and Tables of Houses. Thenceforth, I entered real and hardcore astrology. I respect Rakesh Chaube Sir as my GURU!

Krishnamurti Paddhati is very interesting and very scientific in approach. Prof. Krishnamurti has done very untouched research using vimshottari dasha's divisions like antardasha, pratyatardhasha and prana dasha. For any K.P. new comer, a time comes say within 6 months to 12 months when he thinks that none in the WORLD knows better than him. This unwontedly bestowed arrogance of K.P. does not last much as the K.P. new comer faces naked truths. Mirza Ghalib's sher is worth reading here:

 Bahut Jaanaa par Kuchh na Jaanaa hai!
 So bhee ik umra me hua maloom.

Basing on K.P. I used to predict innumerable small events like arrival of a person to the seconds. Later I came to feel they were rarely useful predictions. If I had to pin point ten most important events of a nativity - K.P. lacked protracted vision as the same targeted at short termed events. This helped me in venturing researches. I studied esoteric astrology and western astrology. Normally, Vedic astrologers undermine Western Astrologers and vise versa. Like Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, I too, combined both and got tremendous results. Further research revealed that if we amalgamate Prof. Krishnamurti is multi stellar systems and secondary progression; we can easily come to major and minor events of any nativity with date. Similar experiments were done by me in converse progressions, solar / lunar returns and Horary charts successfully.


These charts need small but hundreds of mathematical calculations. With God's blessing, I have large network of clients who come for progressed horoscope, solar returns/ varshaphala, and lunar returns/ masaphala of them solar returns is most popular.

In normal course, hostel inmates appear in competitive examination, and become either class one or class two officers. After two years strenuous studies in K.P. and Western astrology, I felt that much was to be researched and thus I decided not to appear in any competitive examination. I decided to make astrology as my career. 

I left Allahabad and tried to settle at Lucknow which took two years. I thought: I, being a learned person, will come in limelight within fortnight, and people will recognize me as great astrologer and will pay me proportionately. Nothing such happened. People, having faith that an astrologer can mitigate any planetary evil, asked, "Can you mitigate the evil period you foretell?" they turned their back after hearing my No. In coming ten years I was able to convince them that getting forewarned about a bad event was also a sort of mitigation - since you can prepare yourself well   in advance to lessen its gravity.

Up to 1995, I could venture convincing researches in birth time rectification, natal horoscope, vimshottari dasha system, stellar progressions, converse progressions, solar and lunar returns, horary etc. Since 1983, few hundred articles in English and Hindi got published in difference popular magazines, newspapers and astrological journals. Also, I chaired as chief sub editor of an astrology magazine and wrote weekly forecast in a national English daily.

So far, Karvan goes on.........

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