Research Works:

1. What is Birth time: There are many opinion as to what time should be recognized as birth time e.g.

  • Pre-natal epoch i.e. when ovum in fallopian tube gets fertilized by the sperm. It is different to behold such a hidden event in mother womb.
  • Appearance of first organ theory: when the leg (normally) is seen coming out of mother's body.
  • When child finally comes out of mother's womb.
  • When child takes his first breath/ cry.
I proved first breath theory wrong. A nascent may get born but he many not breathe due to any reason - and is born dead. This is a big event. I have prepared chart of such child and predicted his younger brother birth date that came true. This born dead child’s time of birth was: when a child is finally separated from mother's body. Please see the article appeared in Astrology & Athrista Jan-Feb-March 1986 page No. 25: Predicting the Birth of Younger Brother. A Bizarre Case.

2. Birth Time Rectification: This has always been and will remain a good debatable topic. Oriental, occidental, westerners, K.P. follows etc. have tried to delineate rules of birth time rectification - but none could find fixed rules in this regard honestly.

Me, too have not found any fixed rules, but my researches are in addition to what Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti propounded in ruling planet theory.

In my opinion a horoscope of rectification time and native's horoscope should be matched in Toto to come to truth. Most important positions I found were the day lord’s position, its sign, constellation, sub and sub-sub. Sun's  constellation, sub, and sub-sub, Moon’s constellation, sub and sub-sub.

Some times people are confused regarding the year of their birth. It has been observed that Jupiter's and Rahu-Ketu's current transit remains in harmony with natives birth year.

I have great success story of rectifying thousands of charts depending upon above hints.   

3. Planetary Aspects on Vimshottari Dasha - I am the only person in the history of the astrology of venture this research. No sages, no Indian, no westerner in astrology could do it. It has been simple one line research on which an article has been published in Times  of Astrology magazine January 1999 issue page 110 as "Time the marriage Through Unique Researches in Vimshottari Directions.

Hint for those who practice vimshottari dasha. A man born in Taurus, Rohini star runs Moon dasha. When Mars dasha comes- naturally the constellation is Mrigashira, when Rahu dasha comes the constellation is Ardra and so on. If Saturn is posited at 530. 25' naturally this point conjoins with dasha Moon at very beginning of Mars dasha and may give result of Saturn. Again , as dasha goes ahead in Ardra. Jupiter from 10 degree Sagittarius opposes 100 of Ardra and may give the result of opposing (VII) Jupiter. In this way very rare and uninvited events of like are easily analyzed. This, in itself is not complete, but it simply helps in Vimshottari dasha analysis.

4. Stellar Progressions, Converse Progressions: Progressed horoscope is part of western astrology. Finding its usefulness I casted nirayana stellar progressed chart and tried to analyze it in Krishnamurti Paddhati scale. It just  multiples the capacity of analysis of progressed chart. The research still continues.

Converse chart tells the effect of past karma in present life, present year. Esoteric and exoteric both analysis can be done easily and vastly if we apply K.P. in converse progressions. Article publish on stellar converse progression is "Be- asar Chandraswami”, in Nakshatra Vani magazine page no. 5, Sept. 1996 issue.

5.Solar Returns and Lunar Returns: This is my original and very- very popular research. Instead of applying any dasha system in Solar Returns (Varshphala) and Lunar Returns (mass phala) I simply progress the moon. This gives many important eventful dates and eventful period with almost correct analysis. Solar Return gives analysis from one's birth day to his next birth day whereas Lunar Return analysis from Moon's coming to its natal degree to 27 day ahead when Moon again conjoins its natal position. Article published “Mayawati: U.P. ki Next C.M.?”  in  Oct. 1996 issue page no. 36 of Nakshatra Vani Magazine.

6. Horary Astrology:
This analysis of horary is normally done as per K.P. i.e. a number within 1 and 249. While timing the event instead of going to some dasha etc., I did an experiment of progressing the horary chart as a whole. The result crowned me with success. An article in this regard can be read in Naksharavani (Hindi) Dec. 1996 issue page no. 15- “Farooq Abdullah aur Kashmir”. In short, in my research I tried K.P. in traditional astrology and in K.P. I tried western progressions and vise-versa.

Above tips may be very useful to research loving astrologers. If honorable reader has any suggestion, they are honestly welcome.

From 1981 I used to read Astrology and Athrishta magazine founded by Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. In 1982 last with fear, I wrote an article (based on my horary prediction that came true), Success in Interview" and sent the same to the publisher. This article got published in April - May - June issue of 1983. Since then I wrote thousands of articles in Hindi and English in preceding decades which got published in Kadambini, Navneet Hindi Digest, Times of India, Pioneer, Swatantra Bharat, Astrology & Athrishta, Astrology Star, K.P. year Books, Nakshatravani, Nutan - Kahaniyan, Times of Astrology. Also, I wrote weekly fore castes for Lucknow Times of TOI, worked as Sub Editor of Nakshatravani (Hindi mothly) magazine of astrology and contributed lead articles there.
  • Mayawati, U.P. ki Agali Mukhyamantri? Oct. 1996.
  • Be - asar Chandra Swami Sep. 1996.
  • Farooq Abdullah aur Kashmir Dec. 1996.
  • Atal Behari Vajpayee: Next P.M. ? published in Times of Astrology May 2004 issue
Also few very important research articles are:
  • K.P. on Competitive Examinations. Page no 95 of K.P. year book from Madras.
  • Stellar Progression and Mar's Retrogradation : Vis - a- vis Female Marital Troubles. Page 20,Time of Astrology July 1998.
  • Progressed Stellar Horary.Times of Astrology Page 35. May 1999.
  • Timing the Marriage through Unique Researches in Vimshottari Directions. Page 110. Times of Astrology January 1999.

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