How To Query

Asking is an art. We suggest you how to get best benefit of the money paid by you.

There are two categories.
1. Customised computerised charts and write ups
If you need horoscope only, getting birth chart interpretations with it is worth spending. It may be around 30 pages.

If you need reading of coming 10 years, please ask for  progressed reports for ten years. To make even better, take ten years transit readings also. It may be around 100 pages.

If you need one years minute readings go for Solar Returns reading that starts with your birth date. To add, please take one year’s progressed and transit reports too. It may be around 150 pages.

2. Above + manually done research based calculations and analysis.
If opting for research based manual readings, Natal chart coupled with progressed chart is best bet. This gives ups and downs clearly with dates for around ten more years.

If you have esoteric[ spiritual] inclinations, a comparative study of converse - vs. Natal vs. - Progressed horoscopes may throw better light in coming one or 2 decades

If you need one year's minute readings take Solar Returns research based manual as well as computerized reading. Please do not forget to have one years transit and progression readings with it.

If you need very minute monthly readings- go for research based Lunar Returns analysis + one months minor + major transits which may include Moon's transit too!

To get best out of your astrologer please pay for the services and do keep in touch with him by telling what came true and what went wrong. This may benefit you in person and to astrology as a whole.

As you surf the service pages, you get many free features but with limitations. Enjoy them.

Good Luck!

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