Lunar Returns / Maasphal

Lunar Returns:  

Manually done 25 years’ original research based calculations and analysis.

Charges: $101

This feature is useful to those who need almost everyday predictions.Moon transits in 27 constellations / nakshattra and returns to its natal place on every 28th day in any nativity. Horoscope of that moment is called as Lunar Returns. In these 27 days planets etc. move forward or backward as per their direct or retrograde motion, and as such , they change their position as compared to previous Lunar Return.

There are around thirteen lunar returns in a year. The uncanny research gives perfect guidance to the minutes.

The Solar Returns bundled with 13 Lunar Returns provide perfect in-depth guidance for one full year. Useful for very ambitious people.

 No software is available on this because no other knows this research.


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