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Charts and analysis are available either in Sayana [Western] or Nirayana [Indian/Sidereal] system with K.P., Lahiri/Chitrapakshiya or Raman Ayanamsha.

The analysis pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete.  Astrology can reveal many things about a person's life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions.  The descriptions
that follow will give you a "thumbnail" introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements.  It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other--and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction.  If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions.  Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages.  These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate.  The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals.  Also, bear in mind that every "bad" aspect of a chart also has a "good" side.  How it is expressed is really up to you.  We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared.  Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life.  They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor

one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

SAMPLE Standard Natal Report:

The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete. Astrology can reveal many things about a person's life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions. The descriptions that follow will give you a "thumbnail" introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements. It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other--and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction. If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions. Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages. These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals. Also, bear in mind that every "bad" aspect of a chart also has a "good" side. How it is expressed is really up to you. We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared. Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life. They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Leo Ascendant

Your ascendant indicates how you express yourself and therefore also shows how other people see you. With a Leo Ascendant, you will appear to demonstrate Leo qualities to others, even though your Sun sign may not be Leo. You will appear to others as a self-confident, generous, loyal, affectionate person.

You are very honest and straightforward and seem not to be very complex or hard to understand. You are charming, cheerful and capable of being a successful social butterfly. You make good first impressions on people and have no shortage of friends. Your friends probably admire you greatly and may even look to you for guidance or leadership.

You are a noble, optimistic person and have a great deal of physical energy. In love affairs, you are very passionate and generous but are also prone to losing your temper. Be careful not to overwhelm your partner with your ardor. Too much affection and lavishing can be suffocating.

People with Leo Ascendant are most often physically attractive. This usually means they have a constant flow of potential sexual partners into their lives.

They must learn to exercise discrimination in choosing sexual partners. Remember that what's inside the person is much more important than their physical appearance.

Sun in Leo
The catch word for Leo is "ego." This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead. Just be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality. Remember that others also need a chance to shine. Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for you as well.

Leo can be a warm, loving and charming kitten but can turn into a ferocious lion when threatened, angered or hurt. They are extremely loyal and generous with their friends and love partners and can be very affectionate. This can be considered good or bad, depending on the partner. Sometimes Leo needs
to remember that they can give out too much love and affection. Some people are not prepared to receive love as freely as Leo. Allow your friends and lovers to express their love for you in their own way, even if it is not so lavish as you would like it to be.

Leos carry themselves with dignity and convey an air of regality. They don't like to have their ability or authority questioned. As a matter of fact, the best way to tame the lion is to flatter him or her. Vanity is Leo's one weak spot, and the lion can become downright arrogant. Physically, Leos are prone to sudden accidents, high fevers and chronic diseases. Particular areas of weakness are: the heart, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, throat and reproductive organs.

In relationships, you need to be given freedom to be who you are. Anyone who cannot understand this about you will most likely lose you as a friend or love partner. Just remember, you must also grant the same freedom to others.

Sun in the First House
This house placement indicates a very forceful personality. The issue of power will keep reoccurring in your relationships, and you must learn to cultivate a spirit of compromise. However, you would prefer to dominate your partner, simply because you are quicker to act and react than he or she is. Just be careful not to unintentionally do emotional harm to your loved ones. Be sure that you strive for equality of expression in your dealings with others. Don't monopolize the conversation or make plans without asking their opinion first.

You are a person who stands out in a crowd. You attract others easily and usually make a good first impression, unless you overwhelm them with your powerful personality. Relax and let your natural charm take over, and you will more easily win friends and influence people.

You are very direct and honest (sometimes brutally). You believe in getting to the point and are not inclined to indulge in elaborate courting rituals.

Because of your honesty, relationships can begin and end abruptly. You will not hold on to a relationship that is not working out well.

This house placement also indicates that you are generally healthy. You are also very courageous and would like to be a leader (or ruler).

Moon in Pisces
This Moon sign indicates strong intuitive and psychic qualities. You should generally follow your intuition, although you may be afraid to do so, especially if you have unfavorable aspects to your Moon. Emotionally you are extremely sensitive, and for this reason the Pisces Moon is more easily dealt with in a woman's chart than in a man's.

You care a great deal about others and seek to serve society as a whole in your own way. Just remember to find time to take care of your own needs; don't become a martyr to a cause. You give love freely to others, and if you are not careful you may be deceived by people who would take advantage of your generosity. With your ability to see all the flaws in society, you may feel like rejecting the world altogether. Your life probably will not be one of the Cinderella or Prince Charming of your dreams, but you will eventually see that this is all part of your karmic experience in this lifetime. Learn to think positively and be grateful for small gifts and talents as well as large ones.

You are not afraid to work hard for what you believe in, but you sometimes tend to overlook your own needs in the process. Be sure not to drain yourself totally by giving all your energy to others. This can lead to physical problems of your own, such as alcoholism, chronic cold or flu. Don't be ashamed to satisfy your own needs in life.
Since you are subject to wild swings in mood, you need a mate who is more stable than you are. In turn you can give them pure, unselfish, transformative love and compassion.

Moon in the Seventh House
With this Moon placement you acquire Libra-like qualities in your emotional life, and you constantly seek balance and harmony in that area. The friends you choose to have around you will be those to whom you offer emotional support and security, and they will be extremely close to you. You may also choose a marriage partner who offers the same qualities.

Although you are not overly emotional yourself (unless you have an emphasis in water in other areas of your chart), you attract others who are in order to teach you about your own emotions. You understand yourself best through your interactions with others. For this and other reasons, persons with this Moon placement often marry (or form other permanent love commitments) early in life. It is important for you to have someone to share in your life.

You are always willing to help a friend in need. In your domestic life, you often guide your partner through the intricacies of a marriage relationship. You require a sensitive partner who is willing to listen to your advice and trust you enough to follow your suggestions. It's not that you will necessarily rule your partner; on the contrary, you truly seek a totally equal relationship. Be sure your partner considers it as equal as you do. Learn when to let your advice go untaken.
Mercury in Virgo
With your logical and practical mind, you have the ability to pay close attention to detail and to develop systems and methods which are very organized and efficient. You like to keep your environment neat, tidy and well-organized. You learn quickly, and with your excellent memory for details you can maintain a great deal of what you take in.

You have a quick analytical mind and can use it to perform tasks requiring great precision and skill. With your natural talent for critical evaluation, you must avoid the temptation to criticize others. Be patient with others who are not as organized or "together" as you are. Remember that all humans, including yourself, have faults, and therefore you should allow others their imperfections just as you would want others to understand yours.

Since you are rather shy, you avoid idle conversation and usually only speak when you have something important to say. You are work-oriented and are most satisfied with jobs in which you provide a service to others. Mercury in Virgo also gives you a natural aptitude for science (especially the use of computers). With your great speaking and writing abilities, you could be a great teacher.

With your need to categorize and organize everything, you can become detached from the natural flow of life. The more you dissect something, the less you can experience it for itself. Thus, by over-intellectualizing your life, you lose spontaneity and enthusiasm. It is good for you to remember that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Mercury in the First House
You have a keen sense of humor and a sharp, curious mind. You cannot tolerate boredom, and may become restless and high- strung. You'll maintain a youthful look, even into your later years. With your burning desire to express your ideas, you can be an eloquent speaker. Avoid a tendency to jump to conclusions before examining the entire situation.

Venus in Leo
You are a kind, compassionate, generous and loyal lover, and you will lavish your loved ones with affection and gifts. As a host you are attentive and feel that nothing is too good for your guests. You are often disappointed, however, when others are not as gracious a host as you are. Learn not to take it personally; not everyone has such a grand flair for drama.

Physical appearances are important to you, both in yourself and in those around you. Don't allow yourself to be deceived by false pretenses and taken advantage of by a pretty face. Learn to look deeper than skin level for the beauty in everyone. This is where you will find a person's true quality.

As a lover you are very sensual and enjoy lovemaking which stimulates the entire body rather than just isolated erogenous zones. Tickling and body massage (especially foot massage) are some of your favorite sensual treats. You will insist on the very finest surroundings for your courting and lovemaking. Second best is not good enough.

You enjoy lavishing your partner with love and affection, and you want the same treatment in return. You require excitement and adventure in your love life. An affair which becomes too predictable or tame will not endure. If you decide that your lover is not earning your loyalty, you can quickly retract it.

Venus in the First House
With your natural charm and magnetic personality, you have a way of winning people over to your arguments. You are probably physically attractive and will maintain this quality well into your later years. You have a deep appreciation for art and enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful objects. Your love life is very important to you, and you feel a lack if you have no partner in your life.

Mars in Leo
With Mars in Leo, you are highly creative and artistically talented. You also have the enthusiasm, dedication and ambition required to put these gifts to good use. And, unlike some other Mars placements, you will not be modest or shy about it.

You are impulsive and passionate about most everything in life, no matter what age you may be. The only danger of this Mars placement is that pride may make you stubborn and quarrelsome. Don't let your pride get you into difficult situations. Know when to say you're not physically up to an impossible challenge. Otherwise, you could strain your body, and specifically your heart.

You are a warm, loyal and open lover and are extremely generous with your partner. You don't have much patience for elaborate courting rituals, but you are a very attentive lover once the ice has been broken. You will go to extreme lengths to make your lovemaking sessions perfect and to be creative in the bedroom. Be sure not to steal the show, though; let your partner come up with his or her own ideas.

Mars in Leo gives you the gift of being able to make any love affair or romantic situation a magical one. You treat your lover like royalty, and you are very pleased if they return the favor. Most of all, your partner must respect you and allow you to maintain your dignity (the famous Leo pride). You would not be happy, for instance, with someone who was obnoxious or otherwise embarrassed you in public.

Mars in the Twelfth House
You tend to put the needs of others before your own, and if you are not careful, people will take advantage of your good nature. It is difficult for you to take an action which could in any way harm others, and for this reason you often find yourself immobilized and unable to act at all. Remember that you certainly cannot please everyone all the time, so you may as well try to please yourself.

Jupiter in Aries
You have an over-abundance of energy and physical stamina, and you enjoy an active lifestyle (although you don't always think things through before acting). With your optimistic lifestyle, you take on challenges others would avoid because you believe you cannot fail. You can inspire others with your bubbly enthusiasm. You don't mind hard work, but you don't like taking orders. For this reason, persons with Jupiter in Aries are often self-employed.

Jupiter in the Eighth House
You are eternally optimistic and seek positive transformation of society. Events in your life will cause you to go through major psychological changes, and you will seek the advice of elders in troubled times. You may benefit through inheritances or other unexpected windfalls. If so, be careful not to spend it all immediately. Avoid a tendency to place too much emphasis on sex in your relationships.

Saturn in Scorpio
You are highly perceptive and have strong psychic abilities. You have a strong sense of character under your reserved exterior, and you are a mystery to most people because you seem so secretive. You love and hate with equal intensity, and if Saturn is afflicted, you should avoid a tendency to be cruel and demanding of others. Karmically, Saturn in Scorpio indicates that you may have over-emphasized sex in a previous life and must learn sexual self-discipline in this lifetime.

Saturn in the Fourth House
You have a strong need for love and approval from those around you, and you may often feel that you are not getting it. One or both of your parents may have seemed overly strict or conservative, or they may have given you more responsibility than you could handle. As an adult, it is important to you that your own home be a source of security. You tend to avoid change in your life because you fear the unknown.

Uranus in Scorpio
You have intense emotions and deep powers of concentration. One of your greatest challenges in life is to develop positive channels for your strong will.

You are a natural reformer, but you should be sure changes are really needed before initiating them. You have a natural talent for doing research and solving mysteries. You also are interested in metaphysical and occult sciences and are curious about life after death.

Uranus in the Fourth House
Your relationship with your mother is very unusual; this has deeply affected you emotionally, whether good or bad. There were probably many sudden changes in your early life, and you may have changed residences often. If Uranus is afflicted, you may have suffered a disruptive or broken home early in life. Perhaps one of your parents was absent during your youth or is very unusual and eccentric.

Neptune in Sagittarius
You are philosophical and even prophetic about societal change. You have a strong love for freedom and a restless optimism about the future. Since you have clairvoyant abilities, you can gain knowledge from your dreams and visions. You will fight religious and moral fanaticism.

Neptune in the Fourth House
You are very sensitive emotionally and have deep-rooted fears and insecurities. With your tendency to overidealize one of your parents, you may suffer disappointment when they make mistakes and prove their humanity. As an adult, you seek the ideal home environment, which of course you are unable to find. With maturity you will learn that peace of mind is found within you rather than in any physical place.

Pluto in Libra
Your generation has seen massive changes in laws regarding such things as marriage, birth control and sexual behavior. You will also work to curb violence and sexism and to clean up the environment. Because of your strong desire to achieve harmony and balance, you will expose and eliminate corruption in society.

Pluto in the Second House
You are highly resourceful, and you may earn your income from several different sources. Because your finances can be subject to extreme fluctuations, you must learn to make and stick to a budget. When you decide you want to own something, there is no stopping you. You seek accumulation of wealth not for the status it brings you, but because it allows you to acquire whatever you desire.
Taurus Midheaven
You will do best in a career that offers steady growth, a career in which you can study what works and then be the one to provide stability and direction for the organization. As long as you are earning a good income, enjoy positive relations with your coworkers, and have a little beauty where you work, you will be content to work quietly. You are unlikely to push for change or to be combative in the workplace, unless someone affronts your pride.

You are good at cultivating relations with people, as opposed to things, and will extend yourself to others in the workplace. Your network of personal connections and inside knowledge, gained over time, makes you quite a resourceful employee. You have faith in common sense and the existing order.

Change throws you off-balance. If you are emotionally stressed, you may regard acquiring material possessions to be some sort of solution, which it is not. You could also become surprisingly stubbon and vocal in your displeasure. Remember that you have developed many resources. Concentrate upon cultivating and using them for the common good.

Occupations consistent with your stable, practical style of work include official, executive, artist, singer, musician, designer, beautician, banker, business investor, property manager, farmer, stockbreeder, evangelist, advertiser, builder or public servant. For the most personal career guide, also consider the

nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of Venus, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.

North Node in Pisces
You are highly organized and structured, with a keen eye for detail. During past lifetimes you have formed rigid beliefs about what constituted "fact" and harshly criticized others who made claims they could not prove. During this lifetime you will learn to understand forces beyond those which you can see, hear or measure. Through your experiences in this life, you will learn to follow your intuition and to act on faith. You will develop greater compassion for others and learn to "go with the flow."

North Node in the Seventh House
In past lives you have only considered your own happiness, with little regard for the needs of others. In this lifetime you will learn to cooperate with others to form egalitarian relationships. By devoting your energy and resources to others, you will learn to develop kindness and understanding. You have a gift for helping others recognize their own self-worth.

Chiron in Gemini
Communication and understanding are extremely important to you, and you continually strive to broaden your awareness of the world. You enjoy discussing your ideals with others, and you can be quite articulate when expressing yourself. You have a great deal of respect for the power of the mind, and you know that your thoughts shape your reality.

As a child, you probably felt that the communication among your family members was very poor. Although education and academic learning may have been emphasized, there was little discussion of the important issues in life, such as death, sex or personal relationships. As a result, you may tend to intellectualize your emotions. As you mature, you'll develop your own vocabulary for clearly expressing your most personal feelings.

Chiron in the Tenth House
You take your obligations in life very seriously, and you are not likely to give up in the face of difficulties. In your career, you could handle positions which include high-level responsibilities, and you are very realistic and pragmatic about your work. You expect a great deal from yourself, and can be your own worst critic. You are drawn to work that allows you to further your search for higher truth, such as: religion, travel, education, or justice.

Your relationship with your mother greatly influenced the way you see the world. Either you valued her guidance and wisdom and followed her example, or you felt she was inept and irresponsible, and you resolved to be just the opposite. Many of your lessons in life will involve working within limitations and restrictions. As you mature, you will develop greater self-discipline and perseverance.

Planets in Aspect

Sun square Saturn (Strength: 8.63)

You have a low opinion of your own self-worth which can be traced back to childhood conditioning. Rejection is a constant fear of yours, and for this reason success in your life will not come easy. If you want to have success, you must risk failure and rejection. As you mature, you will learn to love yourself more and to be less defensive in your dealings with others.

Later in life your lack of self-confidence can turn to self-assurance. You eventually grow out of your earlier tendency to assume that you were imposing on others by being around them. Since you have a tendency to come on strong, you will learn to curb that impulsiveness and connect with people at their own level of intensity.

In terms of a career, you would do well as a teacher, conservationist, or in management. You are able to practically apply your great resources of knowledge to get any job done thoroughly. As you develop your own occupational excellence, you will learn to love yourself more and to notice that many others do too--and have all along. They understand you more than they think they do, because after all they are also human and have their own fears and anxieties.

You need an understanding mate who can accept and love you as you are. He or she should believe in you and recognize your hidden potentials. This type of mate will help you bring out your buried treasure and express yourself creatively. Be sure to keep a positive, optimistic outlook on life. This makes everything else run more smoothly.

Moon opposite Mercury (Strength: 7.64)
It is difficult for you to achieve balance between your emotions and your intellect, and you often feel confused in your relationships with others. You may "fly off the handle" rather easily, and at times you can be difficult to reason with. At other times you will react in a cold, distant manner. If this tendency gets out of control, you can alienate all but the best of friends. It's not that you are intending to do so; you have a talent for offending others without meaning to.

Before making any decisions involving your relationships, be sure you listen carefully to everyone else's side. Learn the fine art of compromise and you will find it easier to peacefully coexist with others. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions; remember to give others the benefit of a doubt. If you can consciously become more tactful and patient with others, you will feel better about yourself--and so will they.

You may have difficulties in your chosen career unless you can develop more skill at negotiation and compromise. Learn to accept your failures gracefully and admit when you are wrong. Making mistakes is the way we all learn; instant perfection is impossible. When others criticize your work or point out your mistakes, don't take it so personally. Welcome the feedback of those who would like to help you sharpen up your skills and become more professional.

You may encounter conflict in your domestic life, for you do not back down easily from an argument. Worry is one of your favorite pastimes, and you may cry on the shoulders of your friends rather frequently. Resist any temptation to spread gossip (even if it is founded in truth). This could backfire against you and alienate you from your neighbors. Also, resist any urge to lavishly spend money; getting in debt is easy for you--getting out is not.

Moon conjunct North Node (Strength: 7.46)
You will grow a great deal emotionally through your relationships with others during this lifetime. During past lives you built emotional walls between yourself and others because of your fear of being hurt. Now you are learning to be more open and vulnerable emotionally, and you will have many opportunities to meet friends and join in social activities.

After spending lifetimes in a sad, depressed state, you are now challenged to find something positive in each situation. This not only improves your own attitude, but it inspires others around you to be more optimistic. Your relationship with your mother (or other prominent female role model in your life) will assist you in achieving your karmic goals in this lifetime.

Sun conjunct Mars (Strength: 4.77)
You are very strong-willed and are not likely to compromise in your relationships with others. You simply must express yourself and are not willing to "hide your light under a bushel" for anyone or anything. Others may see you as arrogant or egocentric, and indeed this aspect can indicate such a tendency. Certainly you are self-confident and could use this drive and ambition to get where you want to go.

This aspect indicates that you have great inner strength, and usually great physical strength as well. You enjoy competition and are a formidable opponent. With your enthusiasm for your goal, you can be an effective leader. Just be sure to remain flexible enough to accept advice. With this aspect, you don't take criticism very well. Don't see it as a personal attack if someone suggests a better way of doing things. Remain open and you will have less resistance on your climb to the top.

With these qualities, you would do well in competitive sports, exploration, military or police work, or other "dangerous" careers. You would also do well in intellectual areas, such as medicine or law. In order to succeed in the professional world, you must learn to pay attention to details in order to avoid having to do things over to correct errors. Control your impulse to rush through projects; cover all your bases.

You have a strong sex drive and can become irritable or even violent when you have no outlet for it. If a lover does not live up to your sexual expectations, you will grow to resent them and become insensitive to their feelings. Compromise is not your strong suit anyway, and you must be especially careful about conflict situations in your personal relationships.

Moon square Neptune (Strength: 4.41)
Sometimes it is difficult for you to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. When faced with an unpleasant reality, you may change the facts to make them more acceptable to you rather than deal with the situation. You have perfected the art of escapism, and you use this ploy frequently to get away from responsibilities and unpleasant circumstances.

You are extremely sensitive and care a great deal for the underprivileged members of society. In fact, you could accomplish a great deal through organizations dedicated to helping such people. But first you have to be courageous enough to look the problem straight in the eyes instead of pretending it's not there. This may be difficult for you, but it would contribute a great deal to your personal growth.

It is not easy for you to take risks, and this is one of your greatest barriers to success. Education is very necessary for you if you are to succeed--not just because of what you'll learn from books, but because of what you'll learn about human nature. This will help you to better understand yourself and others.

In your career, be careful that you can trust all professional partners you may have. Do not be tempted to indulge in shady enterprises. Others who are in competition with you would love to be able to sling mud at your reputation. Don't bite off more than you can chew; be patient and concentrate on goals that are more reasonable and short-range.

Be careful to be open with friends and lovers. Don't let little misunderstandings grow into huge problems. Be truthful with others and demand that they be so with you. It is better to know where you stand than to be blissfully ignorant. Don't let your fear of the unknown keep you from communicating your needs and learning of the needs of others.

Sun conjunct Venus (Strength: 4.00)
You have a strong need to be loved by others, and you always seek to make a good impression on those you meet. This means you are usually more willing to compromise, although not always, because you don't want to appear weak. When you know your actions will not be misinterpreted, you are very loving and generous.

It is important to you that others consider you a person who holds important values and ideals. You are a good listener in conversation but also enjoy being asked to state your opinion. You enjoy your friends and social gatherings, where you like to "mingle" with everyone. You can never tell when someone you meet could be useful at a later time. You also have a talent for music or the arts.

But not everyone is overwhelmingly charmed by you. And your presence alone is not enough to please everyone. Be sincere in your dealings with others, and don't be swayed by a display of affection. You enjoy the finer things in life and should surround yourself with them as much as possible.

You have no shortage of potential lovers in your life, and you are attractive in a natural sort of way. Don't rub this in with those less fortunate; be modest instead. You handle love relationships with grace and diplomacy, and for this reason you could carry on several different affairs simultaneously.

Venus square Uranus (Strength: 3.63)
Among other things, this aspect indicates that you must be careful to get enough rest. Natives often have a high level of nervous energy and can easily "run down their batteries" if not careful. This nervous energy carries over into your business as well as social life. Your tendency to react spontaneously and intensely to others makes you appear to be emotionally erratic and aggressive.

You make friends easily but do not make commitments casually. You are attracted to persons who seem mysterious and unusual, but you immediately lose interest when they become "serious." If you do form close relationships, they will definitely be unconventional. You are very much a free spirit and do not care for the idea of belonging to anyone. In order for you to find happiness in a love relationship, you must be willing to meet your partner half way, even if it means giving up a little freedom yourself.

You can be promiscuous and oftentimes delight in defying convention. Your sexual desires are quite strong, and you must be careful not to jeopardize other aspects of your life in your pursuit of satisfaction of your many sexual fantasies. You should not deny these desires, but you should control them, not let them control you.

Career-wise, you must slow down your pace long enough to accept and carry out responsibility on the job. Unless you can demonstrate an ability to focus on tasks and patiently follow them through to a successful conclusion, you will not find promotions on the job easy.

Mars square Saturn (Strength: 3.47)
This aspect indicates that you are frustrated in your attempts at success by your own lack of confidence in yourself. Since you doubt your own judgment as to when and how to assert yourself, you often delay acting until it is too late to take advantage of opportunities, or else rush the project before it is quite ready. Both of these reactions to the demands you place on yourself result in setbacks and increased self-criticism on your part.

You often feel threatened by the skill and expertise of others because you lack respect for your own abilities. You can correct this situation by finding

your own area of specialization and becoming an authority in that area. If you can stay focused on any assignment, you definitely have the ability to excel.

Just remember that you are your own worst critic. You must also learn to take a position firmly. Others will see your vacillation and inability to decide as weakness and/or lack of knowledge. Learn to say what you mean firmly and without room for question, especially when it comes to such words as "No!" or "Yes!"

In your career you could excel in any occupation requiring endurability and follow-through. These could include: land development, physical therapy,

sports or government service. As long as you learn to stand up to your competitors and be firm, you will develop self-confidence and gain experience.

Romantically, you suffer greatly if you feel you have been rejected by a loved one. This can result in your becoming vindictive or even violent toward them. If you are not careful, you can hurt the very people you love the most. 

Mercury square Neptune (Strength: 3.05)
You tend to be an escapist, and your fear of facing responsibility can cause problems, both emotionally and materially. Your imagination often interferes with your logical mental processes, and you have difficulty seeing the world realistically. This problem was at least partly caused by early parental conditioning.

Unless you can learn to operate in the real world, your progress in life will be limited at best. You are extremely sensitive, and little problems seem like big ones to you. Although you have a great deal of creative talent, you shy away from competition. You need to learn to build up your own self-confidence and to exercise greater self-discipline. All the problems you encounter must be dealt with; they will not go away by themselves. Just don't take on more than you can handle; realize your limitations and don't exceed them.

In a career you could do well in writing, education, art, acting, or in social programs that are designed to help others. By helping others solve their problems, you learn to solve your own. Don't "spread yourself too thin"; rather, concentrate on one project at a time, focusing your energy in that area.

In your love life you should be careful not to let your imagination run away with you. Don't misinterpret someone's casual interest in you to mean that they are madly in love with you; this only sets you up for disappointment. Be sure that your lover is genuinely sincere before making a strong commitment.

You are a person who is easily deceived and taken advantage of. You don't like being lonely and will take on a less than satisfactory partner to avoid it.

Instead, try getting

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